A location for filming, vehicle testing and coorporate events. We also have ramps and equipment available for hire to the Film and TV industry.


The G-Pound Layout.


Bolddog G-Pound – contains a 400 metre concrete test track set within 6 acres of woodland. In this photo, Shaun Brundle from Bickers Action is tracking Streetbike Champion, Mark Van Driel and his teammate Paul “Toddy” Toddington. Dan Whitby filming on the side line!

George Godbold Leads Jondy Talbot in the go-karts at the Bolddog Gpound. Camera work by Paul “Gibba” Godbold.

On the Gpound Test Track, Bickers Action again here, with Shaun Brundle tracking Mark McCann, 10 x British UTV Champion, 1 x Stock Car World Champion, and Fro Systems MD!

BSR Stunt Performer, George Harris in his drift car at the G-pound Concrete Test Track.


The go-karts at the chicane, here George Godbold leads Jondy Talbot.


A wide range of motorcycle ramps are available for hire, from smaller ramps used to jump over cars to larger more technical ramps, like these ramps shown here, used by our freestle motocros team, Bolddog FMX, this photo features Pro FMX Rider, Arran Powley.

Left: Ady Rope and Andy Godbold jumping side by side using a cheese wedge ramp, landing to flat. Right: Jumping the smaller double jump dunking a basketball. Both these ramp set ups are shown here while performing during the days of the Lings Honda Motocross Display Team in the late 1990’s.


We have a two different size vehicle airbags available for hire, and with a partenership with BagJump, the world’s number 1 airbag manufacturers, we have access to a number of other different size bags. The airbag is being ridden here by Bolddog FMX Team Director and Pro FMX Rider, Dan Whitby.

Mini-bike airbag available for hire also. Suitable for bicycles also.


Our facilities include a 500 metre long, 10 metre wide runway strip. This photo features the street bikes and Mark McCann


On the left is the full size foam pit. On the right is the mini foam pit, where here, Red Bull X-Fighters Presenters, Ed Leigh and Mountain bike legend Rob Warner try jumping in the mini foam pit for a section during the X-Fighters TV Programme.

The foam pit has multiple uses, it’s been used for numerous rehearsals in the past including exiting from a bike mid air and general falls.

Here the foam pit was taken to the studio, to jump the Captain America Motorcycle into.


The Bolddog G-pound Off Road Course and Motocross Track is suitable for off road vehicles, motocross bikes and mountain bikes.


Guy Martin spent many hours at the Bolddog G-Pound during 2019, training and filming for the TV programme, Guy Martin’s Great Escape, to reenact the same motorcycle jump that was done by Steve McQueen’s Character in the iconic film, “The Great Escape”.


Dan Whitby on the G-pound Off Road Course, driving the ZFORCE 1000 Sport EPS, on lone from Lings.


The Bolddog Arenacross Track is purpose built for the Bolddog FMX Team and can be used for filming opportunities


The Bolddog Freestyle Motocross Compound, this can be hired as part of the off roadcourse. Pro FMX Riders here are Dan Whitby and Arran Powley.


Within the 6 acre Gpound Woodland Compound are over 20 trials sections, ranging from Novice to Expert Sections. Here at the Gpound, Katy Bullock gives Guy Martin a trials lesson, in preparation for his “Great Escape” jump.


Here are a couple of the more technical trials sections being ridden by former Eastern Centre Trials Champion, Jack Austin


Also, within the 6 acre woodland is the Bolddog Gpound Enduro Loop, being ridden here by Jack Austin, current Eastern Centre Expert Enduro Rider.


Unit base includes a large concrete parking area. In this photo, British Street Bike Champion, Mark Van Driel and his teammate, Toddy use the area to practice!


The Gpound Unit Base includes a large fully insulated, open plan barn with electric, heating, loos and wi-fi.


Also at The Gpound Unit Base, within the open plan barn, is the Health & Fitness Studio. These photos show Guy Martin in training with Norwich’s Professional Boxing Coach, Graham Everett, for the TV Programme, “Guy Martin’s Great Escape”.


We have our own heavy plant machinery with drivers, on hand for any landscaping of the off road sections of the compound that may need adjusting to any location needs.


Bickers Action are the number one go to for stunt engineering and vehicle tracking. Bickers Action is based only 40 minutes from the G-pound, which means they are close at hand for any Production’s needs. In this photo, the Bickers Tracking Vehicle is at The G-Pound, being driven by Shaun Brundle.

Bickers Action Website


Partnered with Lings, who have supported the Bolddog Lings FMX Team since the mid 90’s, means The Gpound has access to a huge variety of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, quads, buggies and other off road vehicles.